Your fishing charter questions were answered here:


1- Where do you pick me up?
You can meet your boat at the marina or on the dock by the toll-booth on Paradise Island or downtown Nassau behind the straw market. Pickup depends on where you will be staying. We’ll make all those arrangements for you.

2- Can I bring kids?
We are happy to welcome children on board with their parents. Our crew will help the kids catch a fish just like Mom and Dad.

3-Do you have life jackets for everyone on board?
Yes. Please ask your crew for full safety directions for the charter.

4-What do I bring on the trip?
Besides your desire for a great fishing trip bring a jacket, cap, some sunscreen and a pocket full of luck. We can help you plan your food and drinks if you wish.

5-Where do we go fishing?
You can do deep sea trolling on the edge of the ocean less than a half mile offshore or go further out to sea following seaweed lines for trolling. You might elect to stay over the shallow reefs for light tackle fishing.

6-What should I wear?
This depends on the time of the year. We recommend layers as it can get a little bit cooler out to sea especially in the winter. Bathing suits and bikinis are fine but please remember to bring your sunscreen, a good hat and sunglasses. Got a lucky fishing shirt or hat? Don’t forget to bring it along.

7-What is the weather like in the Bahamas?
Depending on the time of year you plan you charter the temperature may range from 65 to 90 degrees with some or no breeze. During the spring and summer we may have afternoon rain showers that quickly go away. If the weather on your charter day is bad we’ll help you plan for another day.

8-Will the ocean be rough?
This depends on the weather. We have days completely calm to days of some degree of waves and chop. We’

9-What if I get seasick?
If you have a tendency for motion sickness we recommend you take something to prevent seasickness before getting on the boat. Check with your physician or pharmacist for recommended medications.

10-What happens to the fish I catch?
You can keep your fish to take home if you have a cooler and storage at your hotel. You might take the fish to a couple different restaurants where they will prepare a great fish dinner for you and your party. You might elect to have your trophy fish mounted or you might leave your catch for the crew with their thanks.

11-Is there a bathroom on the boat?
Yes, all boats are equipped with a bathroom.

12-What is included in the charter price?
Your charter price includes all your bait, tackle, and ice. The only extra cost is for any food or drinks that we provide.

13-Where are the boats located?
The boats are berthed at a marina in Nassau. If you would like to see the boats once you arrive we’ll be happy to provide directions to the dock.

14-What kind of fish will I catch?
If you fish on the ocean you might catch dolphin (mahi-mahi), wahoo, kingfish, marlin, sailfish, and tuna. If you elect to do light-tackle fishing over the reefs you might catch barracuda, turbot, and yellow tail snappers among other smaller species.

15-How much does it cost to go fishing?
The cost of charter depends on the boat you choose, the number of people, and the time, either a half or full day charter. We’ll be happy to make a complete quote once we get more details from you.

16-Can I join up with a group?
All of Born Free charters are private. This allows our crew to pay attention to your group and be sure that you get to fish for the species you want and get to spend the charter time as you see fit. Join up charters typically leaves customers unsatisfied if someone else on the boat catches a fish and they don’t or if one group wants to fish offshore and the other wants to fish inshore.

17-What is the standard tip for the captain and mate?
The standard tip is 15% of the charter price. That tip is split between captain and mate. We do not include Gratuity in your charter price. Tips are not required, but are greatly appreciated.