Bahamas barracuda fishing is something everyone should experience. This tiger of the sea is an inquisitive, aggressive predator that is found offshore and inshore wherever smaller fish are to be found. Barracuda can grow up to six feet in length and a foot wide, with a row of razor-sharp teeth that can intimidate even the most seasoned fisherman.

This game fish varies in color from dark blue to dark green or even gray on its upper body, but it is most obvious with its silvery sides and chalky-white belly. The species typical in our Bahamian waters have a row of darker cross-bars on each side.

When you are fishing light-tackle closer to shore, then a barracuda may jump out of the water two to three times its length, displaying its ferocious, saber-like teeth. You can catch this fish year-round as it is always hungry, always on the prowl. Fishing for barracuda is always fun as they are rely on stealth, surprise, and short bursts of speed up to 27 mph to overtake their prey. This means that there are few fish in the ocean that strike your line with the ferocious force of a feeding barracuda. And they are always feeding.

While adults barracuda are more or less solitary, the young frequently congregate to prey on smaller fish, though they will attack fish larger than themselves. They are highly competitive fish that eat larger prey by tearing chunks of flesh. Still, barracuda mostly feed on smaller prey including jacks, grunts, groupers, snappers, small tunas, mullets, killifishes, herrings, and anchovies. They take their prey by simply biting them in half.

You really haven’t been deep-sea fishing until you’ve hooked your first barracuda, so contact Born Free Fishing Charters today to book your Bahamas barracuda fishing charter.

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