What can be more fun than taking the family out for a great day of Bahamas deep-sea fishing? Especially fishing for the fiercely beautiful mahi-mahi? Not much that I can think of. It is the right time of the year for this spectacular game fish, and they are hitting the lines hard and fast. This is good news for all our charter guests. On Wednesday, Mr. Gupta caught five mahi, and then a day later, the Harbeson family landed eight. It was a frenzy of family fun!

And it shows how varied the fishing charter game is. One day, you are catching mahi with a world-traveling businessman, and the next day, you are hosting a family visiting their condo on Paradise Island for a few weeks. Each trip is different, and each is exciting in its own way.

The Harbesons boarded the Born Free with Captain Ronnie and First Mate Major on a stunningly beautiful sunny morning at the Paradise Island docks. Because the Harbesons have a place here on Paradise Island, they are familiar with the land and sea, but that doesn’t mean that its beauty is lost on them. Really, can you think of a better place to take the family for a wonderful fishing trip? This really is Paradise Island.

Soon, Capt. Ronnie had the Born Free about two miles northeast of Paradise Island in the deep-blue swell of the ocean. Capt. Ronnie has been fishing these waters all his life, and he knows where the fish are. Sure enough, the mahi soon had the lines singing. Few things in life are more exciting than the first shout, “STRIKE!” and then the hiss and zip of the line as the mahi runs for its life, bending that black rod nearly double.

And this is where Major shines. A quiet man, he is focused and fast, and when the fish strike, he is up before anyone knows what’s happening to set the hook in the catch and hand off the rod to our guests, confident that they have a good fight ahead.

This day, the Harbesons landed the first mahi, and then another, and another, and yet another until they had loaded the box with eight mahi. A fine time was had by all, and more happy guests make us at Born Free Fishing Charters even happier.

Of course, being part-time locals, the Harbesons know what a fine dish Mahi can make, so Major dressed the fish for them and sent it home. Kayln of Kayln’s Kitchen says that “Mahi Mahi is a greatly under-used fish, and it’s one of my favorite types of fish to use for cooking on the grill.”

Why don’t you come down for your own mahi meal? Born Free Fishing Charters is here and ready to make your boating and fishing dreams come true.

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