Would you like to experience great Bahamas Mahi-mahi Fishing?

Also known as dorado or dolphinfish, mahi-mahi are among the most colorful of the game fish with iridescent gold, green, blue, and even red coloring on a sleek body of pure fighting muscle. The colors will jump out at you when you see your catch break the water next to your boat.

Mahi are a hard fighting fish. In fact, the name mahi-mahi is Hawaiian for very strong, and when you hook one of these beauties, you’ll know what the Hawaiians are talking about.

When to Come for Bahamas Mahi-Mahi Fishing
Mahi are very plentiful at certain times of the year. The best time for Bahamas mahi-mahi fishing is in the Spring: April, May, and June, though you can still catch them in December and January. Troll for one of these beautiful fish on one of the Born Free yachts. Your captain will look for diving birds or floating debris along the edge of the ocean, as mahi-mahi like to swim near floating wood, fronds, or seaweed where the smaller fish congregate. The frigate birds dive for food, and they are a sure sign to a sharp-eyed captain that fish are in the area.

Our expert mates keep your baited hook in the water, and they quickly set the hooks when your game fish strikes. Once on your line, mahi-mahi are incredibly fast and flashy, often breaking the water in an acrobatic display of blue, yellow, and green colors. You might catch a male, or bull, with the distinctive blunt head or the cow with the more rounded head. Either way, your fish will weigh in between 15 and 30 pounds, and you are certain to enjoy your day of Bahamas mahi-mahi fishing.

Project Details
  • Date 14 February 2014
  • Best Season April to June
  • Fleet Born Free II

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