sailfish in the Bahamas

Bahamas sailfish fishing: at it’s finest!
This beautiful billfish (that’s Istiophorus platypterus for you Latin scholars) gets its common name from its large dorsal fin which resembles a sail and which often stretches the entire length of its back. It’s called a billfish because, like its cousins the marlin and swordfish, it has an elongated bill.

World-class Fighters
The sailfish is noted for its incredible fight. A hooked sailfish often spends as much time out of the water dancing and grey-hounding as it does pulling away from the boat in the water. When you have this prime sport fish hooked, you will see an incredible range of colors, from browns and grays to shimmering purples, blues, and silver, as this amazing fish dances through the sea and across the waves, their sensitive skin changing colors in response to their nervous systems.

And once hooked, you’ll know that you have a world-class fighter on your line. These warriors can grow up to eight and nine feet in length and top out at two hundred pounds. Moreover, they are one of the fastest fish in the ocean, streaking through 100 meters of water in under five seconds. When one of these big, bad boys hits your line, you know you are in for a long fight. But don’t worry, the seasoned sailors onboard the Born Free yachts will do everything possible to help you land your price catch.

You really never know when you might come across this exciting and exotic creature, but your best chance to meet up with a sailfish around Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas, is in the late fall—October and November—and in the spring—April and May. This is the fish you’ve seen Earnest Hemingway stand proudly beside, and you know you’ve always wanted one for yourself. Come enjoy some Bahamas sailfish fishing with Born Free! We’ve got yours waiting.

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