White Marling Fishing Bahamas

Would you like to know more about Bahamas White Marlin fishing?  You’ll find your marlin trophy primarily in the spring and early summer, March to July. This hard fighting fish is known for difficulty in luring it to strike. You’ll note it’s identifying characteristics of rounded dorsal, pectoral, and anal fins as it greyhounds over the water while you fight to bring it to the boat.

They are the perfect game fish. Fast, powerful, and very acrobatic the white marlin will put on a show that will take your breath away.  These fish follow the warm waters that spill out of the canyons in search of bait. White marlin appear to be sight-oriented, daytime feeders.  They often can be found near fronts, the edges between water bodies of differing temperatures or salinities. These confluences produce nutrient-rich upwellings, drawing baitfish, and thus are successful feeding areas for the white marlin and other predatory fishes. White marlins do not tend to travel in schools, but are usually observed swimming alone or in pairs. While swimming they commonly display a technique known as “tailing,” in which only the dorsal lobe of the caudal fin is visible above the surface of the water.

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