Bahamas Sportfishing

Okay, it is true that sometimes a man just gets lucky when he’s fishing, but from our experience most of the time good Bahamas sportfishing is the result of tenacity and grit. Luck goes to the man who’s willing to keep his line in the water long enough to attract some serious attention. That seems to be the way of it for Scott from New York, on the first Tuesday in June. Scott booked an all day charter on the Born Free II with Captain Herbie and first mate Bruno, and the extra time in deep water paid off handsomely for him.

A high pressure system had mostly calmed the wind and water, though the skies were a bit overcast. What little wind there was came gently out of the east, just enough to cool your face in the salt spray. The Born Free II started early that morning from the Paradise Island docks, bearing east out of the harbor before turning north toward the deep ocean just a half mile beyond the startling white beaches of Paradise Island.

The lines were not long in the water before the action started, just before the ocean floor could drop off from the reefs in about one hundred feet of water, Scott hooked a kingfish. This is a heavy-bodied, pugnacious fighter, with a large mouth and razor-sharp teeth, and a heavy one can bend your rod for you. Scott fought the good fight and soon landed this prize with its silver-green body and silver belly. It whetted his appetite for more.

And soon Captain Herbie ran into a school of mahi-mahi when he spotted some floating debris in the water and the frigatebirds overhead. These can be sure signs of mahi-mahi which often swim near floating seaweed and palm fronds to feed on the smaller fish that congregate within the small ecosystem that develops like magic just beneath the debris. The frigatebirds, of course, feed on the leftovers from the mahi-mahi, and an experienced captain can then sail in to feed on the mahi-mahi. It’s nature’s way to see that everyone is fed, and pretty soon, Scott had landed five of the iridescent blue, green, and yellow fish, each over thirty pounds and full of fight.

But nothing in the sea stays put for very long, and soon the birds and the mahi-mahi moved on.

So Captain Herbie turned his bow for more action and soon found it in deeper water where Scott hooked into two barracuda, which has a well-deserved reputation as a fierce competitive fish that fights like mad to stay out of the boat. But this time Scott fought harder and landed them both.

It was a good day for all, and Born Free Fishing Charters is pleased that we could show Scott a Bahamas sportfishing trip that he will long remember.

Project Details
  • Date
  • Fleet Born Free II
  • Location Nassau Bahamas

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