Deep Sea Bahamas Fishing

If you want to break into deep sea Bahamas fishing, then take some old salt with you. The old salt are those fellows who have been in the ocean all their long lives and know where everything is.

Capt. Ronnie and his first mate Major picked up a group of six Texans who were vacationing at the Atlantis. The morning was cloudy with a touch of cool wet on the morning breeze. It wasn’t long, though, before the Born Free turned the point of Paradise Island and headed to the edge of the ocean within sight of the pink towers of Atlantis. Capt. Ronnie was looking along the edge for weed or birds that would give evidence of fish.

It was their first time fishing in the Bahamas, but fortunately, it wasn’t the first time for Capt. Ronnie or Major. The group caught two long, silvery barracuda in the first thirty minutes of fishing the edge. While they fished in comfort, our guests watched the Atlantis get pummeled by rain. It was good. They were enjoying a nice, relatively cool day on the water—which had gentle swells, just enough to let you know you were on the water—while the land-lubbers were getting drenched.

After the edge turned quiet, Capt. Ronnie encouraged them to enjoy some bottom fishing, which is a more patient and calm kind of fishing, but one that can lead to some fine meals back on land. Soon, the guests were pulling up grunts, a strawberry grouper, and some squirrel fish. The grunt, or haemulon plumieri, is a light bluish-gray fish with blue, horizontal stripes on its head, and a white underbelly. You’ll find this fish from the shore to the edge of the reef, schooling in water less than 80 feet. The inelegant name comes from the grunting sound the fish makes when it is distressed and begins grinding its back teeth. Many of the older folk in the Bahamas prize the grunt for a good supper, as it can often be caught around a dock.

Join Capt. Ronnie and Major on your next trip down to the Islands. Born Free Fishing Charters can show you Bahamas deep sea fishing at its finest.

Project Details
  • Date
  • Fleet Born Free
  • Location Nassau, Bahamas

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