Sport Fishing Bahamas for Caribbean Grouper

Well, the fish are hitting even when the weather does not cooperate. We had great luck in the ocean on Wednesday and Thursday catching a boat-load full of mahi-mahi both days. Then on Friday, the winds came down out of north/northwest and the seas were rough. It looked as if sport fishing Bahamas might have to stop, but experienced and determined fishermen know just what to do: find some calm water on the sheltered side of a bit of land and keep on fishing.

Mr. Hornady of Colorado was visiting Paradise Island and booked a charter with us for Friday. Capt. Ronnie and First Mate Major met him at the docks and decided that the best direction was toward the south side of Rose Island. Capt. Ronnie had a suspicion that they just might find a grouper.

Rose Island is a long string of an island about three miles east of the Nassau Harbour. It is most famous for being the scene of a crash-landing in the James Bond movie Thunderball, for the abandoned ruin of a once opulent house the locals say was built for British royalty, and for Bahamas Dolphin Encounters, who call the island Blue Lagoon, but the locals just call her Rose. This day, Rose was the perfect cover for fishing. Using some yellow jigs and small jellies, Mr. Hornady settled in to wait for a nibble.

Fishing comes at you in lots of different ways. Some days its all flash and fighting, and then some days its patient waiting on the back porch of God’s great, blue ocean. This day was peaceful, right up to the moment when that strawberry grouper swallowed the yellow jig and taught Mr. Hornady the meaning of light tackle.

Have you ever had fresh-caught, Caribbean grouper? While this is not the prettiest fish in the sea, many people around here claim that it is the best tasting fish in the sea. It hardly matters how you prepare it – grilled, seared, baked fillets or fried cutlets – Caribbean grouper is fine eating. We are convinced that Mr. Hornady enjoyed his.

Project Details
  • Date
  • Fleet Born Free
  • Location Nassau, Bahamas

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