White Marlin Bahamas Sport Fishing

Few things make even an experienced captain’s heart pump faster than a white marlin. A white marlin is Bahamas sport fishing at its best, and when one comes your way, then you have to brag about it.
This past Sunday morning, Captain Kingsley and first-mate Manny took the Born Free IV out for what could have been a routine run to the ocean with a fairly large group of fishermen and vacationers. The day was sunny and beautiful, as most days are here this time of year, and perhaps everyone was distracted by the brisk 10 to 15 knots of wind. That’s enough breeze to remind you that there’s a big ocean underneath you, but not enough to make you seek shelter.

Manny rigged each of the outriggers with a sea witch lure over a ballyhoo on 250 pound line. Soon the Born Free IV was making its way out past Salt Cay, a small strip of heaven just northeast of Paradise Island and west of Rose Island. Deep water lies just to the north as the shallow sea bed falls off into the abyss.

White marlin are large fish, typically weighing from 45 to 65 pounds, and they prefer deep blue water, just the kind you find north of Salt Cay. They are notable for their elongated upper jaw which creates a fearsome spear that sports fisherman have long coveted.

This one hit hard, when almost nobody was expecting it. Fortunately, Manny is lean and quick, and no sooner did the line start to sing its happy song, than Manny yelled, “STRIKE!” and whipped across the deck to set the hook. Manny knows his fish, and the tautness of the line told him all he needed to know. “It’s a big one!” he yelled before passing the rod to an excited guest.

It was big. The white marlin weighed in at sixty pounds, a real trophy—the kind that you release back to the wild to hunt again the next time. This is the kind of game that makes a fisherman’s heart glad. Why don’t you join Born Free Fishing Charters for a white marlin and Bahamas sport fishing at its best.

Project Details
  • Date
  • Fleet Born Free IV
  • Location Nassau, New Providence

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